15.01.2014 - News

More and more Americans are taking a trip weapon

The Transportation Security Administration United States each year is more and more weapons in passenger baggage.

According to new research, about five agents confiscate “guns” every day at U.S. airports.

Among travelers preparing for boarding aircraft in 2013, was found in 1828 guns. This is 20 % higher than a year earlier. These figures shows a steady growth compared with those found in 2010, 1123 units of firearms, according to survey data.

About 84 % of the weapons found were loaded and one out of three was ready to fire, with a bullet in the chamber, the study said.

Federal rules prohibit be guns in the cabin. To take a gun on a journey, it must be converted into a safe container in checked baggage.

TSA did not arrest the traveler when the weapon is found at the checkpoint, but directs them to local law enforcement agencies. Depending on local laws, the passenger may be arrested, or he will be allowed to keep a gun before passing through the control. In addition to criminal liability, and may be in the form of a civil fine of $ 250 to $ 11,000.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton