20.10.2013 - News

Street art exhibition opened in Paris

The most large-scale art exhibition organized ever, will take place from 1st to 31st of October in the nine abandoned building in Paris.

This house was abandoned by its residents in 1960 and since then has remained empty. Only in 2013 in the framework of the project “LA TOUR PARIS 13» company «Galerie Itinerrance» was organized large-scale group exhibition of street art. The head of the gallery and the Creator of the project Mehdi Ben-Sheikh, says: «When I learned that the tower will be destroyed, the idea to offer graffiti artists to convert it to a temporary street art temple became for me the obvious. Because street Art is so many things that I want to say.

The house is located in the 13th district of Paris on the river Seine. Already his appearance attracts attention, because it is decorated with a huge orange graffiti. In General, this is a giant canvas is 27 meters.

For 7 months, more than 100 graffiti artists from 16 different countries participated in the creation of this biggest exhibition of graffiti in the world. 9 floors, 36 apartments with 4-5 rooms – became the place of fantasy modern painters.

The tower explodes color on each floor and each room is different from the other. This is an incredible diversity of contemporary works collected in one place.

In early November’re going to tear down the building and all works of art will disappear. But from the very beginning, TV channel France Ô immortalized the creative process of their creation by a documentary, which will come out in 2014, after the tower will be destroyed.

During the october you can visit this art-exhibition.

Author: Inna Kosinskaya
Source: itinerrance.fr