28.05.2014 - News

The exhibition of war posters opens in Boston

At the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in honor of the 100th anniversary of the First World War opens an exhibition of posters wartime.

Among the exhibits there are known not only America poster with Uncle Sam, calling on volunteers to join the U.S. Army. Poster “You need me in the army of the United States” created in 1917 artist James Montgomery Flahh. According to the online Library of Congress, strict face first appeared on the cover of the magazine in 1916 with another signature, “What are you doing for preparedness?” It became so popular that it was used to recruit soldiers during World War II.

Others posters of Europe and America are calling to buy war bonds, to save food and help the Red Cross.

“It is much better to come face to face with the balls to die at home than on the bomb” – said in the UK posters depicting the skyline of London. A poster of the Air Force said that “Over There!” America needs skilled workers.

This show raises the curtain on how the U.S. government urged its citizens to act in an era when there was no Twitter and Facebook.

Exhibition “Over There! Posters of the First World War” opens July 26 and runs until 14 June 2015.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source: latimes.com