05.12.2014 - News

Japan invites you to the Festival of Lights Yamayaki

The traditional Japanese festival fire Yamayaki will be January 24, 2015.

Every year on the fourth Saturday in January Vakakusayama mountain completely covered with lights. At first light the torch sacred fire in the temple Kasuga Taisha. Buddhist monks then down this sacred fire to a small temple at the foot of the mountain. The first mountain lit members Kōfuku-ji-ji, Toda-ji and Kasuga Taisha. Then launch fireworks 200, and the mountain then burns for 30 minutes.

Near is always fire brigade, so worry about the possible spread of fire is required. This burn spectacle can be seen from all the surrounding towns, but from the city of Nara enjoy the best views.

Author: Anastasia Trepyton
Source: conomictimes.indiatimes.com