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Laid nose? Time to see a doctor!

When it’s cold, people very often catch a cold, but do not seek medical attention at the same time and continuing to learn, work, live, not knowing elementary colds can cause fatal consequences. Therefore, the physician should apply and if mild symptoms, if you really have a desire to be healthy, beautiful smile and give yourself and others.

Stuffy nose, headache, breathing interruptions, poor health, rapid fatigue – these symptoms, unfortunately, almost all of the familiar. Nasal congestion, we do not expect a serious symptom, but in vain, because it is the first warning of disease. But breathing problems can cause not only illness and other reasons, which are in every third person.
About 40 % of people bad nose breathing and suffer from it.
After that one should consult a doctor?
Meeting with the doctor, even for prevention will never be redundant. But what can cause anxiety? Heavy breathing is a different character, and their own reasons for the breath can be quite different. It is therefore important that the doctor picked the right treatment. Therefore, we present several symptoms for the presence of which must immediately follow medical advice:
- When suddenly begins to lay the nose (that right, the left side);
- If there were nasal discharge (clear or yellow);
- If there were headaches (you need to be sure the doctor looked at the nose);
- If there was a dramatic cessation of breathing, which could be caused by odors, chemicals, flowering, you need to understand that he could start an allergic process.
Self-medication does not help
Most people choose to self-medicate. This one can not do! After treatment with drops that fall into the hands of your local pharmacy – also not an option. First, most of these drops are effect and can lead to a sharp narrowing of blood vessels in the nose, not only, but also in the eyes and brain. For those who have high blood pressure, this may result in big trouble. Second, these drops can be used very small period of time – no more than five or even three days, as faithfully reported instructions box. A runny nose, during which only blooms in all its glory. And do normal breathing they will not, especially if the disease in humans is more complex than she imagines.
That’s the problem
Bad breath is a problem nose. For example, hypoxia of the brain – high blood pressure, memory impairment, disability, loss of concentration.
Therefore, if you have any breathing problems, then the patient comes to a district doctor, and he sends it to doctor. A doctor are looking at the patient and decides which causes disruption of the respiratory process.
Bad breathe – sick
One reason for the difficult breathing – congenital. This is when a person is born, the birth place of the road and her nose curved wall somewhere inside.
The second reason – traumatic. Injury can be a child or an adult. For example, a child fell off a swing and bones still soft and has not grown together. In adulthood – a brawl and sports.
The third reason – allergic disease. Allergy – when the mucous membrane of the nose reacts to certain chemicals. It swells and becomes large, the mucous membrane, and it does not allow us to breathe. So the doctor finds the cause and, depending on the reason, treatment begins.
Treatment can be either conservative or surgical. Conservative – a medication that doctors prescribe to patients. They reduce the swelling of the mucous membrane removed allergic reactions.
The fourth cause of severe respiratory process – polyps in the nose. There is a growth of polyps in the nasal cavities and they block breathing.
And now when you need surgery, the doctors removed or polyps, or leveling of the membranes in the nose. And do everything that a man was breathing normally nose.
Surgery – this is bad?
Otolaryngologist Head of Kyiv, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Head of the ENT department of the 9th Clinical Municipal Hospital, Associate Professor, PhD, Bil Bohdan Nazarovych, responded to this issue as follows:
«We are doing everything inside the nose, not the outside. If outwardly curved nose – this is called Rhinoplasty. It’s a completely different operation, it is not really necessary. This operation person decides to do or not. And they made a whole in private centers. We cleaned that interferes with normal living and breathing person. We spend about 600 such operations a year. And patients normally feel. Operations are carried out in our new techniques under general anesthesia, with disposable swabs with tubes, that our patients tolerated the operation well enough. Recovery occurs after about 5-7 days, full – 10 days.
If you have any breathing problems, you should immediately go to the doctor and he looked and decide what is the cause and what to do, so that people could breathe normally».
Our bodies – a huge, accurate machine in which all parts interact. And if you come down at least one piece of this mechanical giant, the other immediately feel it for yourself. To avoid this happen, we must take care of your health: dress warmly, eat well, exercise, do not be nervous and always happy to go to meet an unknown future adventure – if they were good. Good Health!

Sabina Krezhenstovska