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Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle – is primarily positive attitude to a healthy, happy, full of excitement and chances of life. After all, it is always full of possibilities, but which will have a choice – you decide.

Vegetarianism: to be or not to be?

Vegetarianism – one of the most famous and ancient areas of alternative power. Proponents of this method believe in its food security and a great advantage over other methods. Opponents equally confidently argue the opposite.

Today, to distinguish between pure or strict vegetarianism, which supporters refused not only from meat and fish, but also from all animal products: milk and dairy products, eggs, eggs, honey, and unclean vegetarianism, which supporters allow the use of animal origin. Vegetarians admitting with plant food consumption of milk and dairy products, are laktovehetariantsiv. If in addition to the diet of dairy products include eggs – laktoovovehetariantsi. Recently released Vegetarianism direction, allowing the use of only fruits and nuts (fruitarian).

According to vegetarians, meat consumption leads to increased formation of degradation products of proteins, strengthens the processes of decay products in the intestine, increases the load on the system selection and other organs, causing zakyslyuvannya internal environment. In fact, it is a fact that most vegetarian diet meets the needs of the human body, prevent disease and achieve longevity.

And unfortunately, vegetarianism is not only a positive effect on the human body, but also negative, especially during its formation. As you know, affects pure vegetarianism on the human body during growth. Typically, students, vegetarians behind in his physical development of their peers. Majority of them have reduced rates of hemoglobin. Turns deficit and other vital compounds.

Sovenko Larysa Serhiivna, dietitian, says: “Vegetarianism helps prevent many diseases. Proponents of this diet have less weight compared to ordinary people. They have a lower pressure, lower cholesterol, etc. But there are negative aspects of vegetarianism. There are frequent violations of the lunar cycle, skin in many vegetarians who consume carrots combined with a low calorie diet, becoming a sort of yellowish, those people who did not take supplements, the body feel a severe lack of vitamin D, B12, iron, selenium and iodine . So before you go to vegetarianism, you should carefully weigh the “pros” and “against” Taking into account necessarily features its own body. “

So pure vegetarianism can not be optimal diet model. This is the only concept of target power. That transition adults with body formed mainly on vegetable diet with periodic use of meat and fish, which does not lead to ill health, but rather enhances and harmonizes processes in the body.

Separate food

Separate logic supply is to separate the tables on protein and carbohydrate. Carbohydrate foods include table, the main component of which – carbohydrates (sweets, cereals, potatoes, cereals). This so-called energy foods that are digested quickly. Carbohydrates and vegetative food should form the basis of their diet. Protein table includes protein-rich foods (meat, fish, eggs, nuts). For normal functioning of the body requires the presence of proteins, but the separate feeding they are digested completely, therefore their number should be minimized. Eat meat 1-2 times a week – is enough.

With simultaneous use only compatible products, we facilitate the work of our body, while avoiding the problem of excess weight.

Ready … attention … sports!

We all know that even excellent food gives the desired result only in conjunction with physical activity. Today we have a huge selection in sports. Football, basketball, hockey – a great opportunity to spend time with colleagues and friends at the end of the week. This is one of the options for combining business with pleasure. What about swimming? Meeting twice a week for one hour – and no you are not afraid of the disease. Moreover, swimming – it’s the one sport in which both work all muscle groups.

As for women, they in this regard at all lucky. A variety of types of dance, from ballet and ending with belly dancing – and all this without any age restrictions. Want to learn to dance salsa in 60 – please, you are just happy! This is not saying that virtually every health club offers fitness, dance aerobics, stretching and more.

In recent years, both men and women became popular yoga and Pilates. These sports are suitable even for people who, because of chronic illness are unable to deal with standard sports.

Derevinskyi Oleh , football coach RVUFK: “Sport can” switch “from one activity to another, which promotes emotional and psychological relief. Just exercise contribute to training the cardiovascular system and muscle elasticity. “

Why we know, but we do?

“Smoking causes lung cancer”, “Smoking causes impotence,” “Smoking causes heart disease” – large black letters on all packs of cigarettes have absolutely no effect on either steady smokers or those who just “delayed”.

And if each package we warn the Ministry of Health, and we do not care to say nothing about alcohol. If the smoke slowly “kills” our bodies, the body’s response to alcohol usually does not make them wait. Drank more than necessary, randomly mixed drinks are incompatible, just the body is perceived – a lot of reasons, one thing is clear – most celebrations, meetings and parties end in severe poisoning. Detrimental effects of bad habits undeniable. We all know all understand, but do not do anything.

But why? Perhaps the point is not only that cigarettes contain nicotine, which is addictive as alcohol serves as a certain “mood stimulant”, but that as cigarettes and alcohol are incredibly affordable in the country. If, for example, in England the cheapest pack of cigarettes costs of our money 60 USD, and having even the slightest doubt that you are allowed to age to purchase tobacco products, the seller will not make any “steps forward”, then we have the same product available as financially and by age (the latter thus unofficially).

Hope is only common sense and some responsibility for their own lives and health of people who do not smoke, because, as you know, passive smokers suffer more than active. So it would look on the side of their own lives and perhaps reconsider their priorities.

Attitude to life

“If you can not change the situation, change your attitude” – entirely true, especially given the fact that nearly all disease is the result of our experiences, bad mood and depression.

Modern theory claim that thought is material, it draws into our lives as a positive and desirable and negative: illness, failure, poor health.

The idea of positive thinking is widespread throughout the world. The basic idea is that we are and all that surrounds us – the energy, and when we think positively, then draw up everything with the sign “+” when we think negatively – the draw “-”. In every situation in life can be found both good and bad. So if we look good, then automatically adjusts to the situation and our perception of energy “-” is converted into energy “+”.

This principle applies not only to events or situations. Similarly, we can change the processes in our body, because the human body is so perfectly arranged that when we perceive it healthy, it automatically adapts to our thoughts. Positive thinking – something like a reflex impulse that sends our brain to the body, and the latter, in turn, performs the tasks.

Therefore, for a happy and healthy life just to meet each day with a smile, seeing it as beautiful stuff and thinking only of the good and desirable.

Shykhammedova Maryna