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Woman and auto – how it?

If on the road some car executes a strange maneuver, then probably in machines behind there will be though one man that depreciatingly will say : “Well usually, baby after a helm”!

Women began to master a car a long ago, however became the competent participants of travelling motion quite recently. Skeptics assert though, that a profession of driver must be for women inaccessible. However, the representatives of fair sex lead and busses, and trolleybuses, and trams already a long ago. And to manage these enormous machines not so already simply.

Statistics is against myths

In auto schools the representatives of wonderful half of humanity prevail presently, but it is explained by that most men at one time already passed an exams on rights. It does not cost to forget and that today the representatives of stronger sex buy rights far more often – so they repose in the bear capacities for driving. Between that, many women are not ready to pay for such. Partly on considerations, that it is better honestly to study to the rules of the safe driving, but not in the last turn and because many of motor-car women-enthusiasts do not have the opportunity to pay such sums for the trouble-free receipt of the cherished document. It more easily them to come, sometimes and on a few one times, on retaking.

Certainly, a mister that got hold of in a helm causes for drivers a caustic smile and from one side an edge looks uncertainly. It quite not means however, that she manages a car badly. Such behavior can be explained and that a woman attentively behaves on the road, being afraid to miss out the least detail in the out-of-control stream of machines. As for stronger sex, then a small what man is able to confess in that he is a bad driver. On statistics, in all 2 % expounded doubts in the ability repeatedly to pass on perfectly standard examination from the program of auto school. On results testing of men-drivers conducted in 15 countries of Europe it turned out with experience, that more than half from them not correctly to answer the questions related to the rules of travelling motion.

According to the employees of GAI, in extreme situations behavior of driver depends in a greater degree not on sexual belonging, but from character, temperament, and, indisputably, experience. However women are anymore apt to the observance of rules of travelling motion. For many of them a machine is a motor vehicle, but not receipt of adrenalin. On statistics, for example, on three men that sat down for a helm in alcoholic intoxication, there is only one woman. Militia erections testify that a mister in two times rarer than men become the culprits of accidents. And even if get for them, then the consequences of these DTP are less serious, than those men become the culprits of that.

The same idea it is adhered to in Europe. During the protracted period scientists from Organization of travelling safety in Vienna conducted research with the purpose of to reduce to the feature of driving manner depending on the article. After their completion science figures officially admitted women far more capable drivers. During research scientists there were analyzed thousand travelling events on all Europe. It turned out in the total, that women-drivers had become reason less than 35% of all accidents.

And all of it begins yet from courses on driving or from auto school. A woman for anything will not sit down for a helm, while will not be sure that learned to brake, to step on gas, to commute transmissions. And sitting down, does not destroy from a place, not putting on a seatbelt. Indeed, that such the compression, she hardly will understand and will master. Although there are good hands that can understand with a machine single-handed. For some women replacement of candles is or by a not trifle. Naturally, while such the mister a bit.

 Color of auto and character of his proprietor

колір машини

Look until a woman chooses a car. If someone thinks that here main color of machine, he is mistaken. A mister will find out first, or there are air pillows of safety, only at the front or a car is equipped yet and by lateral.

Well, already now exactly turn after the choice of color. Really not so? No. A mister will take interest, a “appetite” is what in machines, id est what expense of fuel. That he is less, then more chances, that a woman will buy her.

And, finally, choice of color. Somebody thinks that if a man and woman chose the machine of red color, then for them identical character traits. And here and no. Representative of the strong article that buys a red car, as a rule, easily excitative, but disposed quickly to forgive. And woman – repose in itself, independent, attained below the salt.

A man after the helm of yellow car is not very reliable: he can violate the word, be late on the important meeting. But aristocrat to the brain of bones: glossy, pressed, all for him in tone. And a mister that owns a yellow car is a person dreamy, romantic, apt to the thoughtless gambles.

Green car. His proprietor is pedantic, all lays out on shelves. In relationships with other people he is reliable and stable. By a word, on him it is possible to be laid – will not bring. A blue machine probably will be bought by an anxiously-distrustful man that in everything some secret sense is seen and that expects even from the nearest people of some chicanery. It is a very vulnerable individual.

Exactly these colors them will not compel a woman to choose. If a misteris after the helm of blue or green car, so, this machine not her – she rides by proxy.

A black car is bought by arrogant men that wish to make impression, break to below the salt. A mister that chooses a black machine is not afraid to risk neither in flirtation nor in a casino. She can put on kitty everything, that has, because in grain a bear player.

And only the machines of white color are chosen by men and women with alike character traits. It persons are romantic, dreamy, indecisive.

If a woman gives a car to the man, he probably will be black. And if a gift as a machine gets she, then probably red.

 About what tells position of hands

положення рук на кермі Position of hands on steering wheel too gives a certain idea about character of driver. A mister that taxis holding on to the helm in his highest point, – an adventuress, lover of spores, that objects all and on any occasion. And a man with such position of hands is a man concentrated, somewhat eccentric.

If hands mister nearer to the underbody of steering wheel, she knows a price to the soba and other, presumptuous and slightly arrogant. Such position of hands for a man talks about a foppishness, propensity to self-praise and overstatements.

A woman holds a helm in the farthest position on the right and on the left. So, it is an uncertain in itself person that does not have own opinion and easily yields to influence other. And men – trustful, good, does not like to accept responsible decisions.

 Carefully, thieves!


Theft of cars in the capital not wonder: every day in Kyiv steal ten of machines. But all more often girls become the victims of malefactors exactly. Methods to commit crime much, but usually gangsters work as pairs. There is it so: when a machine is stopped on a traffic-light, kidnapper, taking advantage of that the hostess of car was distracted and forgot to include blocking of doors, get to the salon. Then begin to threaten, compelling the frightened girl to sit on the seat of passenger. Since a car appears on safe distance from the place of crime, the unhappy, but living possessor of machine is thrown out and disappear. So, for example, in the middle of November of this year literally for twenty-four hours unknown gangsters accomplished an analogical method at once a few thefts – and always girls appeared after a helm.

Hanna Seleznova