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Woman beauty without victims or rule of care of itself

It seems that all know as needed to see to itself. But the rapid rhythm of life and catastrophic lack of time mix to distinguish us on it even a few minutes. A skin is our gladness and our sorrow. As difficult to warn her irritation and reaction on new factors. Not to spare in 30-35 about the lost time, it is better from 20 to adhere to the elementary rules of care. But about everything gradually.

Healthy dream

A good dream is a mortgage of excellent feel and cheerfulness on a whole day. He helps to relax you and renew forces. About a dream it is needed to take care and save his natural rhythm.

The best dream from 23-23.30 to 6-6.30, id est we must give 6-7 hours to the organism for complete rest. It fully sufficiently, that our person and body the next day did not look tired. In the morning for a «upcast a dream» is enough 5-10 minutes from itself. It will provide the good beginning of day to us.

Correct feed

  • Here minimum rules feeds that we must adhere to:
  • Proteins (meat, fish, eggs) must be used with vegetables and greenery, but not with carbohydrates (potato, porridges, macaronis)
  • Carbohydrates it is also better to use with vegetables and greenery or as separate food.
  • Water must be cleared or mineral, drinking her is necessary 20-30 minutes prior to a meal.
  • To take the use of salt to the minimum.
  • High-calorie sauces it is better to substitute by olive oil.
  • Not to practise upon a meal after 18 hours. It can only to itself to allow an apple, juice, yoghurt with a subzero adiposeness or kefir.
  • And, certainly, minimum sweet.

Physical activity

Every day. Most women not very like to go in for sports. But we do not have other choice. For a slender body the minimum complex of morning exercises is needed even. All exercises must be executed for 2-3 approaches, beginning is needed from an easy limbering-up, and to end – «stretching». Optimal are 30-40 minutes of employment.

Weekly. For fixing of results it is better to purchase subscription in a pool, on shaping or tennis. Circumstance that we for it gave money will stimulate the regular training. Going in for sports positively will influence on our organism, if to repeat him 2-3 times for a week.

Care of person

Every day. 1. Washed by the special facilities for a care with the use of mineral water instead of ordinary from under a faucet.

2. To wipe a skin ice from decoctions of herbares in accordance with the type of skin.

3. To inflict corresponding cream on a moist, prepared to it skin

4. To take off a make-up means for demakiyag.

5. For the night to do an easy facial massage.

6. All motions on face must be executed in accordance with massage lines.

Weekly. 1 one time per a week to inflict the mask of the deep cleaning or scrub. 2-3 times for a week to inflict a mask at choice (moistening, lifting or moistening) in accordance with the type of your skin.

Monthly. To visit a cosmetologist.

Harmful to wipe a skin after washing. It is necessary easy motions to get wet person by a towel or napkin.

All cosmetics are distributed after the types of skin. There are such her kinds: dry, sensible, fat, combined, normal, senescent and certain type. Every type has the certain problems and specific of care. But no skin loves:

  • Stresses. Appearance of hives or eczema is a certificate that an organism carried strong nervous tension. It is therefore needed to keep cool and more often to smile.
  • Diets. Especially those that promise the rapid decline of weight. Wrinkles appear from it, and a skin hangs down. Mostly she does not have the nutritives.
  • Sweet and fat. Through the overconsumption of fat and sweet products pimple appear on a skin.
  • Sharp and spicy. On spicy and spicy food a skin reacts expansion of capillaries or turning red on a forehead, cheeks and near to the nose.
  • Most a skin hates tobacco smoke and this harmful habit. On a tobacco a skin reacts a yellowness and grayness.

The proper care after a skin early in life is a mortgage that in the future your person will longer look young.

Care of neck and zone of decollete

Every day. It is necessary to inflict the special cream. To execute certain exercises for training of muscles of neck and breast.

Weekly. 2-3 times to do a massage warm oil or massage cream.

Three zones of body can show the real age of woman. It is a skin round eyes, hands and zone of neck and decollete. The skin of neck loses elasticity quicker. She must get a more care early in life.

The first step on a way to it is a correct posture. That wrinkles on a neck failed to appear or did not deepen even, very important is a pose of dream. A little hard pillow or roller on that a head is with a prolate neck is recommended.

For the skin of breast a daily contrasting shower is useful. Him it is necessary to accept in the morning and to complete cold water. Also useful are contrasting compresses for any skin except sensible. It is necessary to remember that all procedures for the skin of neck and zone of decollete are constrained with the use of masks or compresses. Them it is desirable to conduct in position semilying.

Care of hair

Every day. To comb hair a brush from a natural bristle or wooden brush, even during 3 minutes twice on a day.

Weekly. 2 times to rub medical and preventive facilities in the roots of hair. After washing of hair to inflict the special hair conditioner shampoo. Shampoo and balsam must be one brand and to behave to one line.

1-2 each month to be in a salon for a hairdresser.

Harmful: often to decolorize hair. Also no less harmful is a wipe of wet hair. They must carefully to begin to shake in a towel, that moisture was absorbed in him.

Care of hands

Every day. Twice on a day to inflict hand cream. It is possible to use any not fat cream or oil. Then to conduct the easy massage of hands to the elbows.

Weekly. 1 one time per a week to manicure, desirably in a salon (a manicure this not only causing of varnish).

It is useful to do birdbaths for hands with curative herbares and sea salt. After her it is needed to inflict fat cream with lemon oil for strengthening of nails. Then on hands it is necessary to dress cellophane gloves, and from above warm. Such compress it is better to do for the night or during cleaning up in an apartment. Course of procedure : 2-3 weeks.

Harmful in cold and windy weather to walk ungloved. And also to wash tableware, wear away, take away without defence for hands.

Care of feet

Every day. During an evening shower to do a massage a glove or brush from a foot to the thigh. Even 1 one time per a day is an easy massage with anticellulitis facilities. In the daily charging to include exercises foot.

Weekly. If you have a cellulitis, then in a day to conduct cleaning a scrub. Farther pack corresponding facilities. For him it is possible to use the special tape. Procedure lasts 30-40 minutes. If the problem of cellulitis does not disturb you, it is possible to use a pack with oils and more fat creams, than usually.

Harmful constantly to go for high heels and in a clothing that interferes with normal circulation of blood.

Supervision upon feet

Every day. After a morning shower to process feet talc. During an evening shower to do an easy massage a scrub, after it to use foot cream.

Weekly. Twice for a week to process the feet of feet a pumice and make birdbaths out of bark of oak for the prophylaxis of becoming rough of skin. One time for a week to visit a pedicure cabinet.

It is useful after a shower to take for a ride a foot a bottle or to walk about marine stones. It well influences on circulation of blood of feet and carries out the role of massage.

Harmful to walk in a close and «unbreathful» shoe.

General care of body

Every day. 1. To take a contrasting shower with the use of shower gels, but not ordinary soap.

2. To watch failing undesirable hair on a body. If you do not do a capillurgy in a salon, then you will have hair under one’s arms and in the zone of bikini to take away in a day, and on feet 1-2 times for a week. It is therefore recommended to visit a salon for a capillurgy.

Weekly. Two times is the deep cleaning of total-body by a scrub. Then the use of more fat cream, than usually and rest 15-20 minutes.

From an author

You already read the minimum complex of care of body, but neither a quality cosmetic nor careful implementation of recommendations will never replace kosmetolog-estetist. Therefore for maintenance of your beauty it is necessary regularly to visit a beauty salon, where you will get the complete complex of cosmetic services. Especially as the cosmetology of contemporaneity works wonder. In fact at regularity of procedures it maybe to detain aging time. But it is effective only at a positive mood, to the regular complex care and desire.

 Anastasiia Vasylenko