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A female look to male psychology

Men are odd creations. At least women consider so. Very often we dont understand the representatives of strong half of humanity, and they, accordingly,don’t understand us. Probably, it must be so, in fact life without difficult relations between opposite sexes will not be such interesting. Therefore we, women, should learn how to understand them, such difficult, sometimes eccentric, but at the same time favourite and native, even because we also not ideal...

Life with rules

Most men elect on your own rule and after them lives. One of such postulates there is such: it is impossible to live only for the sake of itself. In fact each, whoever is an egoist and helps the country, woman, in the end,, deserves respect people which need herein. Such men consider that it is needed to operate. In place of that to sting on absurdity of the world, try to improve that is already in them, and get new. Certainly, a man is a creature not all-powerful. It can not change the world. But everybody can choose to itself for a purpose something concrete. Men, for example, aim correctly to choose business which they like to get busy, thoroughly to learn it and become the real professional. For this purpose, foremost, it is necessary to believe in own forces. That, who will be bold, purposeful, and able to change life to the best. A man considers so: even if I not in force to win a battle, then at least can be a brave warrior and execute the debt. Therefore they must always be in tone, not lazy and be not afraid of the future.

It costs to say and about loyalty. Yes, it in general separate theme for discussions. However here expedient it will be it is to quote the French writer Andre Morua: «Loyalty is good works not from easy. It is needed never to trick into other, be faithful to the word, duties, to itself. A man is expected by thousand temptations. And it is needed to stand on end. Loyalty must not be blind. However it does not cost to forget that often not only a wrong choice but also most ordinary capriciousness is stopped up in basis of infidelity».

All of it, certainly, remarkably and nobly. True, there is a question: do the men of all independently select postulates stick to?

– Men actually create rules are certain, – Olga Prushchak, psychologist, comments. –  However much somebody from them simply goes with a stream, ignoring with anything. In my opinion, men must live in obedience to the rules, theories. Then they become purposeful, feel legs.

Men’s love

For complete harmony in relations between men and women there must be love. At first it is allegedly: appointment, kisses, tender looks… But after marriage (mostly) goes all somewhere. Women do not understand and then: that did it happen? Why will he so itself move? Really did I do something bad? And afterwards it will be to diagnose – did not meet characters.

A problem is in that both sides do not listen to each other. Mostly men in everything accuse the second half. Clearly, they need masculine dignity, that is why they rarely do not acknowledge itself guilty, even if actually were not right. For them to say words «I am sorry, I made» a mistake is simply heroic act! Such «copies» which too repeat often happen although, that guilty in everything. Such the women dislike also. In fact it is desirable to feel the little, favourite girl about which will worry protected,, which will save, will respect…

Women often cast aside the great number of perspective relations only because search a «superman». What must he be? Clever, strong, beautiful, sexual, sly, bold and farther on a list. However in this pursuit after the best we forget that the ideal do not exist. Even a that man wants a caress and anxiety. They also want тихесенько to lie down for sweet one on knees and to tell about painful. About a chief which got already, about the problems of the personal character, fears, experiencing. Nobody of them confesses (even to itself personally) in that he, such strong and strong, in actual fact in the soul child and it will remain to such forever.

Egoists and indecisive mother sons

Most difficult, probably, with men self-confidence of which exceeds all norms of good sense. «I am unsurpassed! Value me such!» Such мачо in general hardness to catch. He can not phone, not to write. In the end, in general to disappear from life, afterwards to appear and beg pardon, promise to reform. Women and glad to trust such words, but a few similar stages temper and kill any hope on normal relations.

Every woman yet can forgive masculine weaknesses. And let them even be presumptuous egoists. only by not mother sonnies! With such it will be women quite uneasily. They live not with chosen one, but with their moms, which control constantly, interfere in the personal life, does not give to rest. From such relations it is desirable to escape as possible farther.

In that such «pets» are, guilty partly and we, women. In fact it is needed to educate the real, strong a spirit man yet from child’s age. Not to hurry to him to meet, not плакатись together with him, not to interfere in a childish fight, protecting the child. It is needed to educate the son so that in the future talked with kind regards about him. It is necessary, that he became Man, but not chaw-bacon and oaf indeed, which quite not helps family,  and only that and does, that «sticks» in a television set with the bottle of beer on a sofa.

How a man can understand a woman?

That does it need to the women? Not doubt, the strong half of humanity constantly reflects above it. And here it costs them to understand that we need normal relation, respect, love. Not a single man which respects itself will begin to report domestic life to the extraneous people about intimate sides, will not allow to other to offend the wife or favourite girl. On their look, normal relations between the married couples (and not only) are possible only then, if in basis the stopped up friendship, respect, pride for each other, mutual help, veracity, optimism. From it all and mutual respect is formed.

– Mainly – to understand each other, – known телеведучий Andrey Dzhedzhula comments. – Sometimes I can not understand womanish logic. It something unbelievable! And not because women nonsense. Simply there is quite another thought in them. It however, that to compare the disk of DVD and cassette of VHS. Women do such acts which not to understand men sometimes. But for me, for example, there is a certain goal – to learn to understand logic of one man… I consider that every man must do it at one time.

Men and women allegedly and alike, but such different. In all are the whims. Someone is tuned, and other have not a single desire to fight for relations. However, to survive in this difficult world, it is necessary to think not only about itself. It costs to find compromises with the near, to listen to advices, be divided by secrets, to be frank and sincere. Eventually, not to forget about respect, be simple and polite. And these advices touch not only men but also women. Anyway, the strong half of humanity needs to be saved. It is needed to learn to understand them, пробачати, to help to change. Here then the world and consent will dominate in every house.

Olena Kuca