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The accuracy, reliability, neutrality – is Switzerland

One for all and all for one”
(Motto of the Swiss Confederation)

46° 48’00 “N. and 8° 14’00 “. It is at this point our globe is the capital of one of the most important banking and financial centers in the world under the name Swiss Confederation. Being independent since 1848, the country still has one official language, since the impact of all ethnic groups residing on its territory, and recognizes the language of each. These are the four official languages, which include German, French, Italian and Romansh. In addition, throughout the Swiss people communicate freely in English, so visitors easily communicate with the Swiss.

The capital, Bern, often called” federal city “, while stressing the equality of all cantons. The way, all of 23, or 20 whole cantons and 6 half cantons, and each of these administrative units has its own laws, court, constitution, government and parliament. So, going to Switzerland, and especially traveling through its territory, consider the cultural and social peculiarities of each region. Because that is commonplace in one, may be illegal in another.

Switzerland – one of the few countries and the second after Sweden, which declared permanent neutrality and armed for its external security. In addition, its area is about 4 thousand financial institutions, including many branches of foreign banks with a reputation as the most respected due to a stable internal environment stable Swiss currency, the observance of the principle of “banking secrecy”. It is considered the safest country in the world and all its visitors can no doubt feel in absolute safety, or as they say, “reliable as a Swiss bank.”

Open to all

The Swiss Confederation is also a major international center, because it is in its territory, in major cities such as Geneva, Bern, Zurich, Lausanne and Basel, headquarters of the World Trade Organization, the International Labour Organization, the World Health Organization, International Telecommunication Union, World Meteorological Organization, the European Union broadcasters, as well as the European branch of the UN Universal Postal Union and the International Olympic Committee. Of course, to get into these huge buildings at the international level can not everyone, but if you go through the accreditation of a journalist at least one of them, it is a piece of the world will be a secret known.

Being a traditional country tourism, Switzerland is characterized by well-developed infrastructure that will satisfy any needs resting, the network of railways and roads along the picturesque nature and international airports, the main ones are Zurich, Geneva, Basel. In addition, it is known not only for its reliable banks, but most accurate clocks in the world, most delicious variety of cheeses and chocolate.

Any mention of this small Alpine country is pleasant associations with fashionable ski resorts where you can watch the incredible snowfall, fabulous lakes, the largest of which are Geneva, Nevshatelske, Zurich, Bilske Tsuhske and lakes, and fantastic beauty of the Swiss forests cover about 1/4 of the country and protected in

The climate in the country moist and moderately warm. Daily temperatures fluctuate throughout the year from 10 to 16° C in summer rise to 27° C or more, in winter it drops below 0° C throughout the country. Hottest month – July, the coldest – January. So Switzerland like anyone, starting with those dreams to rest in the snowy mountains, and ending with those who want to sunbathe on the warm sand.

Swiss passport

Most fountains in Switzerland beats straight from the source, and are free to drink water. Its residents like to sit in a restaurant or cafe for a glass of red or white wine, and spirits hardly use. It is in this country are preparing an amazing fondue – melted cheese.

It is believed that each holder of a Swiss passport automatically included in the category of the rich and the people of this country has never known poverty, because it represents Camaya wealth, respectability and the highest level of welfare. But at the same Swiss – people nehalaslyvyy and very polite, humble and thrifty, and his mentality – a great example of what hard work, persistence, consistency and cultivation traditions is the key to great success.

All of royal

Like watches, banking and rail roads, the pride of Swiss considered and hotels. To complement ongoing commitment to improve services in tourist hotels owners give their identity, because choosing a home, and people choose a certain lifestyle, at least for the rest. Most hotels in the country built as villas and palaces for a selected audience, so of course, rest they cost a lot. But do not forget their price to feel like a real king?

Best hotels were included in the prestigious list of The Leading Hotels of the World, which will definitely relax you in royal.

Among them should be called Tschuggen Grand Hotel, located in the heart of winter sports arena and offers a great view, clean mountain air, luxurious and refined interior, quiet and elegant atmosphere. Restaurants of the Hotel La Provence with a wonderful terrace and a traditional Swiss Bundnerstube kitchen allow you to watch the sunset and admire the spectacular panorama of the spirit of winter.

At the same high level is hotel Eden Roc. This kind of “diamond” which framed the lake Maggiore. It is situated in a fantastic quiet location, bordered by beautiful beaches, surrounded by magical forest. A restaurant with a terrace La Brezza offers fine Mediterranean cuisine in combination with selective wines and picturesque beauty of the lake. It has all facilities for recreation, but at the same time makes it possible to completely relax and forget about problems.

The next in the list of best hotels called the Palace Luzern, a mesmerizing crystal clear lakes, babbling brooks and mighty waterfalls. Great for a romantic weekend for two or a family vacation. Its main restaurant Les Artistes built in Belle-Epoque architecture and offers fine Mediterranean cuisine, a summer restaurant Le Maritime, which is located directly on the lake, creating a festive atmosphere in the light of torches.

Hotel Le Montreux Palace is also not inferior in its perfection. It lies on the shores of Lake Geneva fantastic views of the lake and Alps. In his example, each guest can experience the Swiss tradition of quality service. Located near Geneva International Airport in downtown, near shops and restaurants. The best of these restaurants are “Jaan”, offering a delicate French cuisine with “Harry’s New York Bar”, where every evening you can enjoy live music. In addition, the Montreux Palace is a wellness center Amrita Wellness, an exclusive VIP-complex with a swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, jacuzzi, various baths, a wide choice of therapy, treatment and massage.

The train went to … not without us!

Exhilarating views open to tourists with panoramic windows of cars first and second classes Romansh railway line which reaches 145 kilometers. One of its expressions promchyt curved turns through tunnels, past mountain streams, glaciers and alpine flowering gardens, and on the road through the pass Bernini rise to a height of over 2,253 meters above sea level.

Route the other panoramic Express “Golden Pass” goes from central Switzerland to Lake Geneva through the historic sites of the region of Lucerne, at the pass Bryunih, past the chalets are decorated with flowers, along the shores of Lake Briyentserze through the world-famous resort of Gstaad, a favorite amusement of wealthy and famous. Another moment – and you’re covered with vineyards near the shores of Lake Geneva.

German bear

The capital of Switzerland is its central city of Bern, whose name comes from the German word “Bar” – a bear that is present on the flag and emblem of the city, sculpture fountains and cathedrals, names of restaurants and hotels.Downtown is filled with old houses, shops, cafes and public gardens. Many shops in the city center are located in buildings where the ground floor – a pavement for pedestrians width of about three meters.

Bern is rich in monuments, especially the old part of town, which is on the UNESCO world heritage. Chief among them is the bell tower Tsythloketurm that once served as the gateway to Old Town. East facade is decorated with the famous clock of the XVI century. That shows not only time and day of week, month, zodiac sign, and even the moon phase. In addition, it sets in motion the mechanical figures every hour played fantastic game.

One of the most important features is the presence of many “arcades” – sheds that are on side streets and in rainy weather, save residents and visitors to be forgotten at home umbrella. Unforgettable atmosphere and provide fountains, most of which was established in the XVI century. and more than 100, and endless expanses of flowers, which gave city status “is the flower”.

Swiss credit

One of the brightest and largest cities, the administrative center of the canton and the financial capital of Switzerland. This is the real everyday Zurich with its economic center of the street Banhofshtrase. That’s it concentrated trade centers “Globe” and “Yemoli” and the main offices of the largest banks in Switzerland. By Banhofshtrase adjacent area parades, where towering pompous buildings of the bank “credit Swiss” and hotel “Savoy Bor-en-Ville.”There is also a leader chocolate empire Zurich – kondyterskaya “Shpryungli.”

One of the most famous in the street area is Niederdorf. This is a historic center of Zurich to the pedestrian area, places of entertainment and recreation, numerous parks and gardens, and picturesque streets, filled with nice houses in the Gothic style, which are cozy cafes, pastry shops, antique shops. It also attracted the attention of the tower Romanesque-Gothic cathedral Hrossmyunster, colored stained glass church Fraumünster, the largest clock in Europe, the Church of St. Peter.

Zurich is one of the leading centers of art in Europe. Here more than 100 galleries, 20 museums. The most famous of these is the Kunst-gauss at Haymplats, where the history of European art.

Along with France and Germany

Basel – the second largest city in the country, its northern gate. It is located in close proximity to France and Germany. The city is situated on the Rhine, in commercial terms – the most important waterways in Europe. Basel Often called the “cultural capital” of Switzerland, as it more than 30 museums.

A la couture

At the very border with France, at the foot of the Jura Mountains and the Alps, on the banks of the largest in Western Europe, Lake Geneva, is a popular cultural center of Switzerland – Geneva elegant city. City Centre, located on the left bank of the Rhone, is a busy street, which completely filled the shops with goods leading French fashion, Italian shoe companies and the New York jewelers. Especially popular for a successful shopping street is Rue de Rhone and its environs.

On the right bank is placed “international” Geneva with UN agencies, International Red Cross headquarters and many other important organizations.

The unique attraction of Geneva is a floral clock on one of the areas to “grow” is used 6,500 different colors.


Switzerland – the only country where a small area centered alpine peaks, beautiful mountain lakes, abundant waterfalls, colorful floral carpets, well-maintained old town. A Swiss – perhaps the only nation that keeps the historic appearance and variety of architectural styles of their homeland. And that’s what makes it unique among many other countries.

Thanks for the information chief of the department of health insurance travel agency “Gamaliya” Helen Unitsky.

Iryna Malutina