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Journey to the cozy town Pozdnan

Far abroad — it is certainly good, but for those who have not yet tired of the post-Soviet space, you should definitely get acquainted with the mysterious Polish landscapes. Warsaw and Krakow are the most publicized tourist routes, moreover, there’s still a lot of cities, cozy and not less spectacular. Lets talk about a unique city in the west of the country — Poznan. It was here, along the river Vatra, in 1253 Poles settled and gave the city its name.

How to get there?

It is best to plan a trip to Poznan by train or bus. In the first case, it is more convenient to choose an international train straight to Poznan, and it will cost you about 1 000 hryvnia in both directions. But there is another option for students on a normal train to go to the city by bus crossing the border, and then later, in the territory of Poland, take a direct train to Poznan — yes, it lasts longer, but will save you money.

Poland is in the Schengen zone, which allows visa-free border crossing many European countries. For example, only some two hours by train you can get from Poznan to historic Berlin.

Where to stay?

In the matter of living too there is an alternative: the city is filled with expensive hotels, but no less popular among students, travelers hostel “Akumulatory.” The main advantage of this place, but rest — a great chance to get acquainted with foreigners who are studying at the University of Adam Mickiewicz.


The most beautiful part of the city — the ancient Market Square (yes, Poznan has much in common with Lviv). Market Square is a tourist center of the city with numerous architectural monuments and museums. In the hall with beautiful balconies a museum of history of the city, near the Museum of Musical Instruments equip. Church near the Market Square is one of the most famous temples of the Baroque style with a luxurious interior. Marketplace every day is a fabulous action: about noon local residents and tourists have reported two trestles that butt their heads against each other. These wonder-watch is favorite of kids.

If you go to the Old Bazaar on Paderewski Street to Freedom Square, you will see the library Racha. Classical building up in the first half of the last century, an unknown Italian architect. It is noticeable that the author was inspired by the walls of the Louvre in Paris, his work with the grace is as good as the world-famous gallery.

The history and culture of the city

On a cliff in the former royal palace, the museum of applied art. On the island of Tumske in 966 first Polish Prince Mieszko converted to Christianity. In the dungeons of the Gothic cathedral are the remains of the temples of X-XI centuries. and the tomb of the chief princes of the Piast dynasty.

Poznan is often called a city of international exhibitions: there’s opera, dance theater, cabaret, men’s and boys’ choirs.

In Poznan is organized Violin Competition by Henryk Wieniawski, Theatre Festival “Malta” (named after the lake of the same name). Nearby there are recreation centers, guests expect the annual sailing regatta and the ski resort at Lake Malta.

Outside the city worth visiting ancient Polish castles, in which some places still roam the mysterious soul of former owners. Poznan is located south of the Classicist palace in Rogalin, surrounded by a beautiful park. Next goes a museum and art gallery interior. Original furnishings and decor have been preserved in the castle Kurnik, where a large number of items of national culture, the most notable there an attic with a variety of exotic trees and plants.

Manager of travel agency “Compass” Bogdan Rudakovsky tells us about Poland  tourism popularity:

“Of course. People travel from Poland, but, unfortunately, unpretentious tourist selects only the Krakow and Warsaw, but the “dig deeper”dare not everyone. Regarding Poznan, where he visited several times, and after each trip I have a desire to go back there again because where else can you see such architectural grandeur? Generally modern tourist now in most cases choose more than one country, and tours. for example, a tour of Krakow, Prague, Czech Republic for the picturesque scenery, too, believe me, are worthy of attention. Today market, there are a lot of suggestions: if a person comes to us, he will choose the one that suits both spiritually and materially.

If you really love the city and would be a pity to leave, then you can safely get an education in the Poznan University of Adam Mickiewicz, who is world famous for its prestige and high quality education.”


Poznan restaurants, art pubs, clubs will find their customers, satisfying the most demanding tastes. Sin visit Poznan and not try two main attractions of the city: a variety of sweets and Polish beer that is original taste. International recognition was Latin disco “Almirazh” where you can learn to dance hot salsa rhythms to the fiery Spanish. Also in Poznan you can buy branded stuff at prices twice lower than ours, and the range is not inferior to the capital.

Poles are religious people, so if your trip falls on a religious holiday, be prepared that everything will be closed too early, or not work at all, so you have to take care of the presence of food.

So, if you are ready for an unforgettable experience — the night walks the narrow streets that evoke the atmosphere of the royal antiquities, Poles friendly, cheerful entertainment, national color — Poznan is for you! And if you see it, is that to say, “Dziekuje bardzo!”

Juliana Matusova