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New direction: Thailand

A Thai tale tells the story of Atit and Chan, two sisters, which was a small slave Rahu. Once the three of them went into the country’s largest monastery to pray. And Atit forgot the rice bowl and wooden spoon and asked them to bring Rahu. Slave was back, but forgot to bring a spoon – Atit again sent her home. Rahu is back, but Atit was very angry at her and hit her with a spoon. Disgraced before the whole world, the little slave hid anger in his heart, and when she was praying in the convent, she asked the gods to Atit sister and Chan became the sun and the moon and just felt shame and Rahu in the next life would have been Rahu. It happened. The sisters were the sun and moon and air travel only at certain intervals. And Rahu revived at the foot of Mount Meru and traveled air continuously. So three of them and now floating sky. Sometimes Rahu encounters Atit and Chang – Sun and Moon – then it raises his hand and smote them so that the whole world saw reproach. If it hits them hard – it’s a total eclipse, if they manage to escape – only partial.

In Thailand, there is an old tradition when there is an eclipse, people take to the streets and knocking spoons, and repel Rahu. Frightened by noise and noise Rahu retreats and Atit and Chan again shine brightly.
Thailand – it is certainly a country of mysteries and tales. It is a kingdom of contrasts: in Thailand is the largest gold statue of Buddha and the smallest living mammal – svynonosyy bat. “Country white elephant” – the largest rice exporter in the world, because this crop plants brought it here about 6,000 years ago. Thailand or Prathetthay, meaning “Land of the Free”, and rightly so, because Thailand – the only country in Southeast Asia that was not a colony.
For Thailand Open all year, but are advised to come here during November-April, after the summer is too hot and it rains all day. Almost Macondo! As for planning your holiday in Thailand – it ‘s simple. Ukrainians do not even have to go to the Consulate of Thailand, because Thai visa draw up at the airport. However, if staying longer than two weeks, the Consulate nonetheless have come.
Bangkok – Thailand’s capital city and soul. It is heterogeneous, chaotic and strange. Large Reclining Buddha and endless bazaars Khao San and Chinatown, expensive restaurants and markets, “floating”. Great Royal Palace, the residence of Thai monks, about 400 splendid temples around Bangkok… The streets of the capital can go by bus or minibus, and you can rent a ” tuk-tuk ” – Thai mopeds. Generally, the Thais – the people who are not very fond of walking, most of the local population move it to “tuk- tuk” or buses. By the way, the movement in Thailand – left hand side, so even the most experienced Ukrainian driver will be difficult. The most popular and most affordable hotels are located in Siam Square, the streets Silon.
One of the most popular islands of Phuket is a tranquil, attracting tourists by nature and a quiet rest. From the noisy and colorful Bangkok to Phuket can be reached by plane, car or bus. Phuket is connected to the mainland via a bridge Sarasin. From May until October and Phuket real tropical storms, the best time to relax is rightly considered the period from November to February when the temperature does not rise above + 34 °C.
All Phuket – charming bead, strung on a ribbon of white beaches. The most popular beach on the island – Patong. There are always many tourists: one for the first time taste the blue crab, the second – with the Thais go for a boat to another beach, and others – involved in scuba diving. At Cape Panva go those who are tired of the nightlife and constant entertainment is – the perfect place for families. Can compete with it unless Nai Harn – a small bay, where there is only one hotel and several restaurants. Alluring beaches, warm waters of the Andaman Sea – Phuket opens a real tropical paradise.
In addition, Phuket invites surfers, scuba diving, water skiing and scooters. Beginners are special schools, which will help you overcome the fear of diving and taught to ride. Phuket can easily rent a yacht, boat and curb waves of the Andaman Sea.
Phuket as any Thai island, vivid and unusual. Along with chic restaurants and expensive spas, open the door fully accessible bungalows that rent Thais, and around the corner – the fish market.
Ko Tapu
Of course, everyone remembers scenes from nine of the film “James Bond ” who starred in Thailand. Unforgettable outline of the island, beautiful beaches and clear waters mirror… Now the island of Koh Tapu increasingly called James Bond Island. It was perhaps the most popular entry point for all tourist destinations of Thailand. Guides offer a full day to experience the atmosphere of the island of James Bond, almost from all over to get to Koh Tapu can ship.
Thai Food
About yummy Thai food does not say that lazy. Thai cuisine is formed under the influence of Chinese, Portuguese, Indian food, while not lost and their national specificity and nature. Sweet and sour sauce, which is so popular in the world, traditional in Thailand. A large number of Thai recipes are built on a combination of sour and sweet: sour fruit and sugar. At first glance it may seem that all Thai dishes resemble weird salad with all that he had on hand. In fact it is not. All recipes – traditional. Since ancient times Thai people have learned to combine seemingly incompatible things: for example, pineapple and pepper, fish and fruit.
Rice and noodles, which are usually regarded as a side dish in Thailand – main course. Noodles – is second only to rice component of Thai cuisine. They eat fish, meat, vegetables, eggs, add it to the soup. By the way, the locals are very fond of soups, the most popular of them – sharp and sour Tom Yam. Of course, Thai cuisine is known for its severity: tourists should be prudent and ask to dishes were not too pepper – “middle spicy” or even without spices – “no spicy”. Lovers of sweet is also where carousing – various fruit desserts, smoothies, cakes and cookies. There are also unusual dishes – such as sweet meatballs. “Country white elephant” – is a haven of exotic fruit: carambola, coconut, mango, pineapple, jackfruit… in Thailand is growing and world famous durian. This fruit is very satisfying and can gorge on all day! But eat it in public places is prohibited, but because it has a wonderful taste and smell unbearable. Marine products, fresh fruits, the best varieties of rice – all of which can be enjoyed in Thailand for almost a penny! And indeed rise in prices in certain establishments and restaurants experienced travelers often associate it with a generous visitor: after a big and tasty meal rather big thank Foreigners leave a tip.
Hanna Bielaia, director of the travel agency:
“Among the tourists now there is a growing demand in Asian countries, especially Thailand. First, it is a different culture, very different traditions, it is completely different world! Thailand is quite different from where we live, how we live – It is unusual for us. Second, this extraordinary nature: pure water, beautiful beaches, different climate. Third, it is relatively cheap. The only expensive item in this journey – this airline. Direct flight lasts about 10 hours, so the tickets are not cheap. However, prices are available: you can eat your fill at 50 USD, while not eat noodles or rice one, and delicious seafood and exotic fruits.”

Oleksandra Myshkina