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Kamianets. The city-fortress of the XXI century

Since the establishment of Kamianets-Podolsk escaped almost a thousand years, and he is still attracted to his visitors from around the world. “This – a city legend, the castle which recall fierce fighting and devotion to the soldiers of the Middle Ages …” – so in favor of this historic monument outdoor Nataliia Dubrova, Director coach service Kamianets-Podilskyi.

In XXI in the XII century…

The exact age of the Western handsome even for contemporary historians remains a mystery. There is a hypothesis that Kamienets founded by the Romans as early as the first century AD. However, most historians attribute the creation of the events predkovichnoho XII-XIII century. The first mention of Kamianets was found in the Kyiv Chronicle of 1196, “Vladimir, gone with Mstislav, holds and burned parish Romanov, and Rostislav very profitable gone here with Vladimirovich, destroyed and burned parish Romanova Kamentsya around.”

The name of the ancient town is also in Galicia-Volyn chronicle of 1228, “Vladimir, therefore, put Khan on a horse and all enemies, and they came to Kamentsya – Vladimir same with all the princes, and Michael all the princes – and besieged Kamianets ” .

If you delve into history, you can find many interesting facts about this town. Kamianets , for example, called the city of seven cultures, because at different times lived here Russians, Turks, Tatars, Armenians, Jews, Lithuanians and, of course, Poles.

Transportation – Railways. Stop – Middle Ages

Almost every day in Kamianets  walk through trains from Kyiv. So get in most historic part of Ukraine can be no special requests: just visit the railway tickets and buy tickets there or order them online. Forced to immediately disappoint those who used to travel by air: forget the airways, the heater is no airport. However, this is the best. After all the noise of powerful engines would destroy the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, which reigns throughout the town.

Now the city is divided into two parts: the present, where drive cars, operate supermarkets, internet clubs, restaurants and historic, where no modern buildings – only the castle and church. Connected to these parts of the Castle Bridge, under which between rocky river canyon.

By seven in the morning Kamianets asleep. On the streets of any soul, but janitors and staff station. But it’s better because you have an hour to tune into the ancient atmosphere of chivalry, the duel between men and paving instead of asphalt. At 8 am the modern part of town comes to life before our eyes. At the station opened tourist stands with maps of the city, a description of all monuments.

Kamianets : offering travel agencies

If you came to Kamianets, not seller all in advance – is not a problem because seller magnet and gift kindly help you with route selection and free cover every historical monument.

Speaking of tours … It should go online and type in the search engine “Kamianets ,” as you posyplyutsya hundreds of proposals from agencies. Among the most attractive – Weekends in Kamianets . For 110 USD you can spend an unforgettable weekend in the city-fortress. The price includes transportation, meals and entrance fees to museums and castles. Full name – Bus tour of Kyiv “fortress city: Kamianets”.

Tour of “Little Paris” – 90 USD. Route: Chernivtsi – Hawtin – Kamianets .The price includes: bed hotel, transfers, excursions, entrance fees, medical insurance, breakfast and dinner.

If you want a more active weekend, to see and visit more, we offer select tour “Kamianets  cruise.” Price – 75 USD per person. Program: Ternopil – Hawtin – Kryvche – V. Slobidka – cruise ships on the Dniester – Kamianets -Podolsk. The price does not include rail travel, meals and entrance fees.

The historic city

On the architecture of Kamianets- Podilskyi, you can listen to hours of local guides. Such long and interesting descriptions we will not promise but we can briefly tell. The fact is that Kamianets – the third city in Ukraine (after Kyiv and Lviv) by the number of historical, cultural and architectural monuments. Castle Bridge, Peter and Paul and St. Nicholas Church, Potter and Furrier towers, Turkish and Armenian bastions, Kamenet Hall and Armenian well, Dominican convent and Trinitarsky, Polish and Russian Gates, Peter and Paul Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe Stanislaus Augustus, Old and New Fortress… But that’s not all that awaits you in this city.

Castle Bridge – architectural monument of national importance. Combines Old Town, located on a peninsula in the loop of the river canyon, a fortress on a promontory. The people better known as Turkish cities (as it became known after he suffered a serious renovation after 27-year rule of the Turks in the seventeenth century). Today the Castle Bridge – a solid stone wall, whose length is 86 meters in height – about 30 meters.

On both sides of the bridge is a stone staircase into the valley canyon. They were built in the nineteenth century. From the north side staircase with 105 steps, on the south side branch in two directions – 132 steps and 139 steps.A Castle Bridge Street is the same name, which stretches from the Armenian market in the Old Fortress.

Since the medieval fortress of Kamianets-Podolsk called “built hand of God.”It could not proceed enemies. Nature also took care to protect the fortress, she gave her high banks and a wide channel Smotrich (width up to 250 m).

The central part of the fortress (Old Castle) – a closed quadrangle with eleven towers. Among them – Papal tower that was built by Pope Julius II in the sixteenth century. Interestingly, in the early nineteenth century in it three times was imprisoned leader of the peasant movement Ustim Karmelyuk.

Further rises tower cap, built in the shape of a cylinder with a conical roof.

For her – Lyatska tower. Its feature is the inscription in Latin on the wooden doors “faithful friend is rarer from Phoenix.”

High Tower – the oldest. She served as a major strategic observation points of the castle, which at its peak installed wooden superstructure.

Black Tower. Its not just restored. It accounts much perepadalo, and in 1672 in the depths of her head blew up the castle artillery gunpowder warehouse in protest against the surrender of the fortress to the Turks. Architectural feature of the tower is a well depth of 40 m with wooden wheels, whose diameter is 4.5 m, for raising water. All who pass by the well cast on his luck coin.

While the Turks were in ’27 heater, all Christian shrines were to be destroyed. All of the temple brought and burned. Among residents Kamianets goes the legend, only one icon – the image of Our Lady with Jesus Christ in her arms – did not take fire, as the Turks tried. And then the governor of the Turkish sultan embraced such a rage that he began furiously hack icon. Seven days after the desecration of the holy image of his lost daughter. They say it was God’s punishment.

Now in the basement of one of the towers of the fortress opened a small museum of puppets imprisoned soldiers. In one of them is connected elektrovmykach. When tourists enthusiastically listen to the story of the guide, he quietly turns on the button, and prisoner begins to move. It is this moment then discuss all museum visitors.

Hotel and restaurant complex of Kamianets

Kamianets – the city is small, with a population less than 100,000 people. But tourists are always welcome. Besides the charms of the old fortress city, there are many restaurants and supermarkets. And the sky you will not stay. For example, the hotel «Maxima», Avenue Hrushevskyi, 41b, offers standard rooms at 35 USD and deluxe rooms from 50 USD.

The hotel “Filvarky” than standard services, you can use the sauna, pool and play pool.

Lunch after interesting, but exhausting tour can be in any restaurant or cafe in the Old City (they are restored under the age of chivalry), and in the new part (place food here is the current). Among the visitors is popular restaurant “Guest House” coffee shop “At the gate,” cafe-bar “Aphrodite” and «City blues», inn “three bids” and pizzeria “Paperoni”, “MakSmak» and «Vecchia citta».

Good weekend to you!

Juliia Dryn’