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Sziget in details

Sziget’s organizers are preparing for a noisy celebration. This August festival celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the legendary gig. During past two decades it has become not only a hallmark of Hungary, but the main musical event of the summer. On the anniversary of the most important music festival in Central and Eastern Europe will perform Placebo, KoЯn and HURTS.

It all began back in 1993… Then a group of young people decided to do something like the Komsomol meetings, but without any ideology. The venue for this event, they chose the island Óbudai (in translation – the old Buda) on the Danube in Budapest. The first festival was held in the same year under the name Diáksziget, which means “island of the student.” Then the fest has died down, with the participation only of Hungarian artists, but still collected a few thousand strong audience.

Today Sziget visited by more than 300,000 visitors annually. The festival is extremely popular among Russians and Ukrainians. And no wonder, because it is closest to our world-class fest. Hundreds of performances of different artists from around the world – a common thing for the festival. Here you and live on the original African and Canadian musicians, and shows from world-class stars. For 20 years the festival Sziget were: Sex Pistols, Boney M, Prince, Iggy Pop, REM

Every year the island opens its doors to tourists in Hungary from around the world. In early August, in Budapest, all around you are talking about only one event. Sziget begins at the exit of a train or airplane. At railway stations and airports you will meet a group of volunteers who will talk about everything related to the festival. But not to lose time, it is better to learn and plan before the arrival.

Island passage

Tickets for Sziget begins six months before the event. Skip to the festival is available on the official website. You can buy on the spot, but booked a ticket in advance, you can save up to hundreds of euros. If the ticket in August, worth € 300 for five days of camping in the spring you can take it for 200 €. Even earlier – even cheaper. By ordering tickets online, you will receive an official letter, which is at the entrance to the festival area, you will exchange on the bracelet – a pass.

Railway – the cheapest travel option in Budapest, especially for students. First you need to get to the Chop, then transfer to a train that goes to the fold, frontier town in Hungary, and finally take the direct train to Budapest. Directions from Chop to the Hungarian capital will cost you 200-300 $ in one direction and will result in a 5 hour trip. However, if the Hungarian railway problems with the availability of places do not exist, then the Ukrainian train tickets purchased in advance is desirable.

Buses for several years Sziget depart from the largest cities in Ukraine. But a ticket to the festival a special trip (date – from the beginning to the end of the festival) Kiev-Budapest-Kiev will cost you in 1000 – 1500 UAH.

Cheapest flight offers options for low-cost AirBaltis. A ticket to both sides you can purchase the 2500-3000 UAH. But no matter how you decide to travel to the festival, remember, the key word in any journey – “in advance.”

Festival’s all inclusive

Go to Sziget and live in hotels or hostels – is like going to a music festival, and it does not love the music. Live at the festival is better in your own home – personal tent. You can bring it from both Ukraine and buy at the local IKEA. You can pitch a tent anywhere on the island in a quiet meadow near the river or near one of the scenes of the festival. However, the second option is for extremals.

The island has done for the comfort of its guests. Then you and the hundreds of showers and Internet cafes and ATMs, and luggage, and, without exaggeration, hundreds of different cafes and restaurants. Cuisines of Hungary and Japan, fast foods and vegetarian dishes. But due to the fact that food prices are much higher than in the city, for the hungry guests there is a real paradise called “Auchan”. Coming from the island, and passed no more than a hundred meters, you will find the second most popular place in Budapest after the close of the festival area at the time of the meeting. Besides the fact that supermarket offers a variety of food products, in the “Auchan” there are dozens of green lawns, which are becoming the place for a picnic for guests of the festival. On the territory of the store can not hesitate to eat a watermelon with guests from Australia and have a coffee with the Austrians. In short, choosing a campsite, you agree to meet new people and fun adventures 24 hours a day.

Non-musical entertainment

“Even if no one on the Sziget acted, it would be like one of the best places in the world of entertainment” – such a thought come together guests of the festival. On the island, and an area over 100 hectares, where there are loose. In addition to the actual concerts are dozens of clubs for every taste, lounge areas, spas and a variety of extreme activities. The most famous are: the tower of jumping rope with older own circus performances, ambient area, where you can relax on cushions under the most relaxing music in the world, as well as Indian Village, which in addition to traditional dishes, you can smoke hookah and try a variety of drinks on the grass.

Festival holiday is surprisingly safe. The entire island patrolling guards and hundreds of volunteers. Last checked every day bracelets. To get to the Sziget free – impossible. Stealing things from the tent as the phenomenon is not widespread. So for their safety and personal belongings can not worry. But if, Health frighten – the festival is working round the clock medical care.

Not only festival

The island, which is Sziget, located on the border of Budapest and its suburbs, but it does not hurt you to arrange a tour of the capital of Hungary. With the festival to the city center can be reached by train regularly, or to order a taxi. Economy version of the train of course – to travel there are several types of travel.

Among the major tourist attractions of Budapest can be distinguished: the main building of the city, the building of the Hungarian Parliament, executed in the Gothic Revival style, Europe’s largest thermal spa – Szechenyi, as well as a symbolic place for shoppers – Vaci Street. Budapest – a small town, so is perfect for hiking, especially in the heat of August.

If you want something more than a tour of the charming capital of Europe, I suggest you another option. Away from the concert decibels Sziget to the south – on the “Hungarian Sea”. That is how locals call the lake. Just two hours by train – and you’re on the shore of the largest lake in Central Europe.

The main characters of Sziget-2012

Sziget – a 60 concert venues, and hundreds of raznostilevyh musicians. The most important of which appear on two stages – Vain Stage and A38-WAN2 Stage. On these grounds, this year, the show will play its protagonists of the festival, including KoЯn, HURTS, Placebo, Goran Bregovic Weddings And Funerals Orchestra, LMFAO, Crystal Fighters, The XX, The Ting Tings, Two Door Cinema Club.

Under their rhythms from 6 to 13 August will be the 20th Sziget in Budapest.

Artur Huzii